Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sweet and Shy Asian girls

Imagine this, more Asian girls, I bet you didn't expect a post about Asian girls from me. I had a lot of pushing to do on keywords after the d-list but I am on my way back up a little bit. Now I am in the process of weeding out advertising. I had been experimenting with a few different ones to see what worked and what didn't. Google works, but they think Im a little too sexy of a blog for them, but thats ok I use google in other places. Asian friend finder seems ok, it is a little slow as far as conversions, but its $1 for each profile sign up which is not bad. Banner exchanges only good if you have super high Asian girls traffic, like over 500,000 page views a day. Then you would make out ok, other wise it is a penny here and there. If you had that high of volume of traffic though I wouldn't think you waste your time on something so small. Image ads I had no luck with, too many images the same on different ads looked unproffesional like my blog, same ads over and over. Boring like hearing about Asian girls daily. There were a few more I tried and really only 3 that I like the above and oxado which actually seems very good so far.

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