Thursday, October 11, 2007

Disgusting Asian girls

This is one of the most disgusting Asian girls I have ever seen..."not". Actually when I saw this girls photos this time, I said to myself.. meow. I am not sure where that came from but I did say it. Thank you Glen for sending these photos again, you need to start putting the girls name on them though. Some of you know that I receive lots of Asian girls mail and sometimes it takes me a little while to reply to all but I will reply. Someone asked me in an email "If I can tell what one person or thing in the world best describes my blog" I guess I would have to say Jerry Seinfeld, and I have created a blog about 'nothing'. It is a lot of fun, but talking about Asian girls all.. the.. time is, well .. I have grown quite attached to this blog and the many faithful readers I have. It is you guys that keep me going. I like to think that once in a while I say something useful. Some of you are very kind in the comments you leave and I do not feel I have strong enough English to give you all the credit you deserve. From my heart Thank you all.

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