Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So Cute Asian Girls

Here are some adorable Asian girls, photo #2 Im not quite sure what she is doing but I thought it was cute. The red panties Asian girl I believe is pretty hot. It is halloween here so hope it doesn't scare anyone. Before I go into too much on Asian girls I would like to extend a big Get Well Soon to one of our regular readers, Marque was in an accident and was injured so I hope he gets well soon. We miss your wonderful comments, I also miss the Asian girls keyword help :) I am sure if the Asian girl that has caught your eye keeps up on the comments she misses you too. I think all the work I did with the do follow links was in vein. I was penelized 1 rank because of them so I will have to re-think that before the next update. I suppose I could change to an easier keyword. Asian girls is the best for this niche and I like my niche :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Beautiful Asian girls

What can I say about these girls that their photos don't already say? They are beautiful and extremely sexy and yes I posted them just for you. I know some of you are thinking that some of these girls maybe to high class but for the most part that isn't true. Yes there are some Asian girls that seek out men with lots of money but most simply look for stability and a real long term commitment. While every culture and country has those girls that only want to find rich men, Asian countries also have those women. So if you are searching for your future bride I would suggest spending as much time as possible to find out what she is really after. If Asian girls are after money most times she will start dropping hints on the first date or second. Be weary of these types and yes they can be hot and very persuasive so be careful. Never send money to anyone unless you know them very very well. It is rare in Thai but it does exist just make sure of your girls intentions early on.

Hot Asian Girls in the desert

Well I know it gets really hot here in the summer time and Asian girls must find ways of keeping cool. This is a pretty good idea, less clothes. This girl is really hot, that is why I posted her for you guys. She is pretty close to what you would see in most all Asian girls. I know how some of you just hate tan skin, but oh well. I think she looks great and I would try to encourage all Thai women and other Asian girls to not worry about their skin tone. I think it is beautiful no matter what the rest of our society tries to tell you.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shy and sexy Asian girls

These Asian girls seem to show the shy and cute side quite well. Even the bent over kind of revealing shot looks very innocent and shy. I figure you guys will enjoy them. I spent a little time working on various other projects while the goo was updating page ranks. As everyone predicted the off content links were met with lesser rank and some lost ranks due to them. In the Goo's eye, if you have any link on your site that is not relevant to your content then you are tagged as a buyer or seller of links. Or if someone paid you $5 for a months text link ad you will be scolded and punished and sent to the Internet corner to think about what you did wrong. OK so now you can not buy or sell ads from anyone on the net, except from the Goooo. Asian girls get so confused here, because if you are a new Weber and know nothing about nofollow attributes before ads in your html code then you are doomed and tagged as link pusher on the web. OK so this Asian girl and many other Asian girls alike will try our best to never do it again.... I'm kidding.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sexy Asian girls

Out of the many Asian girls that I post here some just seem to have a few more assets then others do. This girl has the cutest face, don't you think? Ok, so I lied, it isn't her face that inspired me to post her. Asian girls like this one, with her petite frame and tight body attract men from all over the world to travel to Asian countries in hopes of finding their young sexy and erotic Asian girls for their future mate.

Lena Tan The Complete LENA TAN Luxury Glamour Picture Volume 2

Lena Tan The Complete Glamour Pictures
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Lena Tan you are my angel, LEna TAN
Lena tanLENA TAN Charming hotLena tan LuxuryLena tan
Lena tanLena tanLena tan picture
Lena tan picturesLena_tangambar Lena tan

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Do You Care?
By Sandra Hart
"Before I knew the sea...I knew the sea inside of me and I knew the feel of sand between my toes and the chilly rush of waves upon my feet. Before I knew the sea...I knew the sea inside of me." Sandra Hart
While walking and enjoying the foamy serf pounding the shore along our ocean boardwalk the other day, I was in animated conversation with a friend ignoring what surrounding chatter was within our peripheral, we were chased by a young woman waving a clip board at us.
Won't these pollsters with a cause ever let us rest, I thought, trying to ignore her as we continued down the boardwalk. But she was intent on stopping us and soon got her way as we paused to hear her spiel.