Friday, October 12, 2007

Cute Asian girls

Some Asian girls like this one are not what some would call beautiful, but I think her cute face, petite body and shy personality make her much better than a super model. I shouldn't say better than, more like equal too. I wouldn't want someone to scream at me for not being politically correct. I almost started this Asian girls post off with a conffession of 'I have no clue what I am doing' but then I decided I would express myself instead. How much money is enough to earn? At what point do you say, I am comfortable, now let's leave some room for others to make money? I was looking at Yahoo, MSN, Google, Myspace etc... Seems to me that each of these are trying their best to beat out the other. Adding this and that, at what point do the visitors realize they are nothing more than another finger on their giant cash register, clicking them to their next billion? Perhaps in theory each one of them simply want to see how many of us clickers they can control. Windows vista for example, I want to do something and I have 3 different windows popup and ask me if I really want to do this....."No Bill... I was just testing to see if vista was paying attention, can I open my control panel now?" I am guilty of being a little cow clicker too, being herded around the web the way they want. That's just an Asian girls thoughts so don't take me seriously.

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