Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cute Asian girls faces

I was trying to decide on how to start this post about Asian girls and as I sat, staring at the screen, I remembered the first movie I saw as a little Asian girl. It was called "Something funny happened on the way to the farm" I was only 7 years old but remember it so well. It was set somewhere in Africa where a tribe of bush people lived. One day an old airplane flew over and the pilot tossed out his empty Coca Cola bottle and unknowingly killed one of the bushmen. One of the bushman picked up the bottle and didn't know where it came from except it fell from the sky and was "Evil". So he was assigned the task of taking it to the end of the Earth and throwing it over the side. His journey began and though at each turn he found new funny adventures and obstacles yet his journeys purpose never changed. As an Asian girl, I have my own journey my own goals and though sometimes I stray a little off course or get absorbed by societies big sponge I still manage to remain a single droplet of water on my own quest. The quest of offering Asian girls a chance of a better and brighter future. Building an empire to give back to my roots and assist with education of those Children here that want to learn but can not afford too.
I hope this post on Asian girls makes sense to you and I am sorry my English is not so good.

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