Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cute Sporty Asian Girl

This Cute little Asian girl was emailed to me by a friend. She said she was really worth a look and I would have to agree. She has a cute face and sparkling smile.She has a perfect body nice and firm.
Well I have to try and finish this post on the second day seems I had some tech problems. I know allot of guys look for cute Asian girls like this one. I would say about 80% of visitors to Asian countries are on a quest to find girls like this to make their wife. Thailand I know this for sure and there are many many beautiful Thai girls here. I have noticed many times western men come here and just sit and watch the beautiful women going by for hours on end. I guess it is a treat to them.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kissing Full Asian Girls lips

I Actually enjoy taking little breaks away from certain projects from time to time, but wow was the mail box full. I think the most requests I had were for more full Asian Girls lips. Why? I never thought that much about our lips until I just sat for hours pouring over photos and really paying attention to our lips.

I also did a little comparing of other types of ladies and I would have to agree, We Asian girls got some Hot Lips. Asian Girls lips seem to be full and soft, just perfect for kissing and maybe caress the back of your neck or ear with. When we paint our lips up with some sweet cherry lip gloss, few men can resist. If you haven't kissed an Asian girl you have to try. Hmmmm I wonder if I created a kissing review on our lips, would you guys kiss and tell me your thoughts? Well thats the deal, all of you have to kiss an Asian Girl then come back and give me the data so we can crunch the numbers. This is a Scientific study of kissing Asian girls lips. So let me know..... till next time

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Asian Girls on Break

Well as most of you have seen I have let this blog fall asleep since December. I know, Shame on me. I was ranked page 1 and sometimes 2 on Asian Girls. My time away has allowed it to fall into the dark void of Asian girls to now rank 52. The test was to see what holding power certain things would be and also to see how quickly I can pull the ranking back to the top 20 on Asian Girls. Basically this is a test to see if certain Big G toys have I biased effect on rank results. I will be testing the same link strategies and content entries on this blog and another site also filled with Beautiful and Sexy Asian Girls. I have also removed many of the junk ads that were being tested here and all non-related links to Asian girls and Thai girls. By the way the next indexing after the removal of those I dropped 2 pages. "darned if you do and darned if you don't" Any way I will be posting again now everyday. Please forgive me for being a lazy girl. Oh wait I almost forgot, most of you only come for the pics... Hope you enjoy these.

I know you love this Asian girl thats why I wanted to restart with her again. I will find some reall goodies for you guys ta make up for my off time.
Also if you are searching or hoping to meet or marry a nice Asian girl, from Thailand, China, Vietnam, Japan or other Asian Countries you might want to check out ThainiGirls You may just find what you are searching for and it is free they do require you to upload atleast 1 photo when you join though. Thats fair I think. Anyway, They paid me to say nice things ;)