Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shy and sexy Asian girls

These Asian girls seem to show the shy and cute side quite well. Even the bent over kind of revealing shot looks very innocent and shy. I figure you guys will enjoy them. I spent a little time working on various other projects while the goo was updating page ranks. As everyone predicted the off content links were met with lesser rank and some lost ranks due to them. In the Goo's eye, if you have any link on your site that is not relevant to your content then you are tagged as a buyer or seller of links. Or if someone paid you $5 for a months text link ad you will be scolded and punished and sent to the Internet corner to think about what you did wrong. OK so now you can not buy or sell ads from anyone on the net, except from the Goooo. Asian girls get so confused here, because if you are a new Weber and know nothing about nofollow attributes before ads in your html code then you are doomed and tagged as link pusher on the web. OK so this Asian girl and many other Asian girls alike will try our best to never do it again.... I'm kidding.

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