Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Beautiful Thai Girls

I had to hurry up and post some pretty Thai girls, since my last post had content. Sorry I did not post yesterday I had some internet connection issues. I know that is hard to believe here in Bangkok. For any of you that have been here Im sure you understand. Also these girls are pretty much the type of girls you will see everywhere here. " Well Dee this post makes no sense, Thai girls in Thailand, Imagine that. Thanks for all the comments guys too. One thing about comments and keywords. Asian girls is a main keyword so the more comments that flow off topic increases the percentage of non relevant words. From what I have learned place a keyword in first sentence to identify the subject, place again mid way of article and last at the end. Sprinkle a few other similar words throughout and then you have a nice spider friendly post for Asian girls. Then all comments stay on topic "hint"

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