Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sweet Single Asian girls

I think these Asian girls give an idea of the wide range and different looks in Asian women. There are many more and I will do my best over time to show all of them to you. Please make me feel special and let me know what you think of this blog.
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Beautiful Asian girls II

Well I think I finally got the last of this pretty Asian girls photos uploaded. Again I will have to say that she is incredibly perfect. It does not seem to mater what setting she is in she is perfect. Makes me very jealous.

Beautiful Asian Girls

These are to very beautiful Asian girls. I hope you guys like. It took me a little while to resize to fit them on the screen better. Click any of the photos of Asian girls or thai girls on the site to enlarge them. Loading Asian girls photos into blogger is a little different than regular editors. Here you have to do a little, test, tweak and a little other to get it right. So sometimes you have to be a little patient with me because Im slow :p Anyway I think this Asian girl is very beautiful even though she has short hair I think it looks great on her. If she isn't a model she should be because she is absolutely perfect. She is an adorable Asian girl so let me know what you guys think of her.

Pretty Asian girls feet

I am not really certain about this request, I hope I have done OK for Asian girls feet. I always thought of my feet as kind of ugly and always tried to hide them. I didn't know some people like to look at them. I won't dare ask why. I guess Asian girls feet are the same as any other woman's feet.
I think of my feet as another place to design my wardrobe. I have tiny little feet but they look OK I guess when my nails are painted to match my outfit. My feet give me another reason to shop too, so I guess that makes my little Asian feet kinda important.
Matching shoes can be a bit of a pain yet pleasurable from shopping. Wonder how hard it was to find the perfect shoe here for her dress? The shoes match perfectly. Believe it or not guys women put a lot of hard work into matching clothes.
With this Asian girls long sexy legs she accents the long legs with the over the ankle strap and tightens the toe grouping to give an even longer sleek appearance. Well that is about all I know about feet so please tell me why you guys like feet.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sweet Asian Girls

What makes Asian girls so wonderful to western men? Why do they look for Asian women as wives? Is it our personalities our looks our skin our lips our hair?
I ask this question all the time and the reason I do is because the girls ask me. I am also asked many times why Asian girls seek western men for husbands.
I think maybe it is a combination of many things and I do not think we can narrow it down to just a few. Each person has his or her own reasons and I think allot of it is the differences " opposites attract" kind of thing.
You find Asian girls erotic and beautiful and I guess in our eyes Western men seem erotic to us. I would like to think it is all good no matter the reason.

Incredible Asian Girls

This is another typical Asian girl. She has nice complexion and a very pretty face. She looks very warm and sweet. Normal shy Asian girls and Thai girls are the main requests that I get here at this site so I hope you guys like her.

Adorable Asian Girls

If you visit Thailand and tend to stay in the city or in one place you will miss some of the most beautiful Asian girls in the world. You have to see as much of the country as possible when you are here. You will find incredible landscapes and prettiest faces you have ever seen. From the far north to the very south. If you have the chance you will be amazed at the Asian girls you will see on your journey.

Beautiful Asian Girls

This is a Beautiful Asian girl that I thought you would enjoy. She is adorable in every way. Most all Asian girls are pretty in their own ways but I think this one seems to have a little something special. She has a sweet and soft look about her and a killer smile. Pretty Asian girls like her just seem to have a certain spark, maybe it is in her eyes or smile. What do you think?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Beautiful Normal Thai girls

Here is a little assortment of Beautiful Thai girls. Pretty much the kind of girls you would see anywhere here in Thailand. I would say about 80 percent of wear dresses most of time which is quite different from other parts of the world. Maybe the weather here has something to do with that. Maybe we just look good in them... Maybe if you do a search you can find more "thaicuties" I think that is site but not sure.

Busty Asian Girl

Ah.. she is happy that someone found her earring that she dropped. This is rare to see an Asian Girl so well endowed least where Thai is concerned. Chinese and Japanese and I think Filipino women were blessed in that department. Thai women however were blessed with smiles, cute personalities, beautiful hair, sex appeal, and so many more I can't mention them all. I hope you guys enjoy this one, let me know what you think. She is certainly a beautiful and I'm sure turns many heads in public.

Sleepy Asian Girls

Soft beautiful Asian women sleeping seem to be very highly requested and I guess some of you enjoy. Lets face it Women are all beautiful and you like looking at us. Maybe the sleeping photos are liked because that is when we ladies are quite and not talking so much. I talk all the time and most times its about nothing but I just talk away. Most Asian girls are like that once you get to know them. We also like singing and shopping just typical girl stuff. Maybe that is why this Asian girl is so tired, from spending the day at the mall and exhausted from just looking so cute all day.