Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hot Asian Girls

Hot Asian girls try to cool off in summer the best way they can. As most of you know it gets extremely hot here in Thailand in the summer

time. Winter time is a little cooler but not much. The only real distinction is the fact that winter time is our rainy season and it rains pretty much everyday. Beautiful Asian girls and Thai girls like this one melt the hearts of most men. If you ever have the chance to visit Thailand in the hot summer, just watch what the locals do and follow them to keep cool. For the most part all Asian girls are use to the heat and does not bother us as much as it does tourist but we still walk in the shade and know most of the shaded and cooler routes when walking. Like passing through breezeways and subway tunnels to keep cool. Everywhere you turn there is plenty of vendors selling drinks so thirst will not be an issue. Stepping on your tongue might be an issue though,from seeing all of the pretty Asian girls. It is ok to look but be polite and discreet about it.

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