Sunday, January 20, 2008

GITA GUTAWA penyanyi GITA GUTAWA Kembang Perawan mp3 List

GITA GUTAWA 14th years-little-girls known as GITA GUTAWA getting her musicalGUTAWA, who also responsible for composing and conducting many talent in Indonesian music scene such as Sheila On 7, Krisdayanti, Ruth Sahanaya and also Malaysian stars Siti Nurhaliza. GITA GUTAWA has an unique sopran voice, which no other girls with her age can sung a high-pitch-classics song like she did talent from her daddy, Erwin GUTAWA

Album GITA GUTAWA .mp3
* 1. Kembang Perawan.mp3 ,2. Bila,mp3 ,3. Bukan Permainan ,4. Surga Di Telapak Kakimu ,5. Your Love feat Delon ,6. Doo Be Doo ,7. Apa Kata Bintang ,8. Alunan Sebuah Lagu (Aluna Sagita),9. Sahabat Kecilku, 10. Dengar ,11. Vocalizing , 12. To Be One , you will not see the GITA GUTAWA mp3 here maybe you can find at the others website we only show gita gutawa foto no mp3


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