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Cinta Laura - Foto Koleksi Cinta Laura Kiehl

Popular Name Cinta Laura Birth Name Cinta Laura Kiehl , Born Quedlinburg, Germany
Birthdate 1993-08-17 ,Jobs Actress Hoby Swimming maybe you know about me. hmmm, part German and Indonesia. a tomboy girl. u know that. I think it's enough.
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Cinta Laura Kiehl: Proving her love for the country

Theresa Sufa, The Jakarta Post, Bogor, West Java

Eurasian teen soap opera star Cinta Laura Kiehl might not speak Indonesian as fluently as other youngsters in the country, but she believes that love for one's country should not be measured by fluency in the language or the ability to sing the national anthem well.

She believes it is demonstrated through attitude and genuine efforts to help others.

Cinta, who was born in Germany on Aug. 17, 1993, and whose name means love , says she has a love for Indonesia and is proud to be an Indonesian.

I am proud to have dual citizenship; Indonesian and German. I admire Indonesia because it is very beautiful and rich with unique and various cultures. I am also proud of Germany with its advanced technology, said Cinta, who prefers to call herself an international citizen.

Cinta's star is shining brightly, especially after her debut in the TV soap Cinderella.

She started building her career in TV in 2006 when her dance teacher suggested she join an acting and modeling contest in Jakarta.

Beyond her expectations, she won first place.

It just so happened that one of the contest jury members was Sanjay Mulani, the casting director of MD Entertainment, one of the biggest production houses in the country.

He offered Cinta the lead role in the 308-episode Cinderella TV soap, which is broadcasted by SCTV.

MD Entertainment gave Cinta four months to improve her Indonesian language skills and learn to act.

In January 2007, filming for Cinderella began and the first episode was broadcast on TV the following month.

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