Friday, January 25, 2008

Marsha Timothy Ciuman di Film OTOMATIS ROMANTIS

Marsha Timothy,known as Chaca was born on January 8, 1979 in Jakarta her first film is Ekspedisi Madewa With Tora Sudiro and the last Coklat Stroberi. and the last ,Otomatis Romantis Film, She also also played as a model in GIGI video clip, ADA Band, Java Jive and known as serial television actress and advertising model. In 2007, Marsha Timothy played in "Coklat Strawberi" movies along with Nadia Saphira. Marsha Timothy, , .

Marsha Timothy Foto BugilMarsha Timothy Foto BugilMarsha Timothy Foto BugilMarsha Timothy Foto Bugilmarsha Timothy

Choosing The Right Lingerie For Your Body Style
he first thing to consider when choosing a piece of lingerie is to be aware of your body, and what is has to offer. Your goal here is to emphasize your best assets, while playing down the parts of your body you don't like as much. Take the time to think about how you feel about your body, and be honest, but not too demanding on yourself.
Tall Women
* Garter belts will accentuate the length of the legs
* An horizontal line across the belly, may it be a garter belt or a corset, is great for tall skinny women. It tends to draw the attention to their curves.
*Tall women can afford to wear long nightgowns, which don't look as great on short women.
* Thigh high stockings with lace up, bows and other refined details can help draw attention to the long legs.
Short Women

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* Slits on the sides of your gown or baby doll gives a sense of length to the legs.
Big-Busted and Voluptuous Women
* A corset is a great pick, as it enhances both the cleavage, and the waist line, while flattening the stomach. Consider buying a corset that is one size smaller than you usual size. Lace up front or back are also great for the cleavage and to tighten up that waist of yours!
* Baby dolls with underwire cups will also accentuate the cleavage, while hiding the stomach and butt area
* Empire waist baby dolls are also great for hiding the tummy, while enhancing the legs.
* Teddies can be a good way to go, as it hides the belly area, while emphasizing the bust and legs.
* Spandex or Lycra bras might help by flattening the breast area, and providing support.

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