Friday, March 7, 2008

Bintang Iklan Sabun Lux

Lux 1986
Shoap Model Girls Ira Wibowo Marissa Haque Minati Atmanegara Rini S Bono

Ida Iasha Ira Wibowo

Andry Sentanu Cynthia Yusuf Dina Ida Iasha Okky Asokawati

Okky Asokawati Donna Harun Nia Zulkarnaen Ida Iasha

Desy Ratnasari Ida Iasha Nadia Hutagalung Tamara Bleszinsky Vira Yuniar

Dian Sastro Dian Nitami Febby Febiola

2003 2004
Mariana Renata


New Luna maya

bonus articles

Cosmetic Surgery

Overseas is Not Your Safest Choice
Many people have turned to medical tourism
Cosmetic Surgery for cheaper cosmetic procedures and the chance to recover in an exotic locale away from prying eyes. As glamorous as it sounds, you need to know the facts before your pack your bag and book your flight.

Other than less expensive prices (sometimes up to 75 percent cheaper), one of the biggest draws for those seeking
Cosmetic Surgery services overseas is the short waiting period. You could have your operation performed as soon as the day after you arrive, while most surgeons in the United States, especially in large cities, are booked months in advance.

You might not have to wait to go under the knife, but you will have to wait before you hop back on the plane for home. It isn't wise to take a long plane flight until you're reasonably recovered. The high altitude can aggravate certain problems and depending on the surgery, could potentially cause breathing and heart problems.

Although the offer is alluring, some overseas surgeons practice without a license, often in poor conditions with improper tools and a lack of medical resources.

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