Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sherina Munaf Album Primadona Download List

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Sherina Munaf Born in Bandung 11 Juni 1990 , sherina first album 9 years OLD ,Andai Aku Besar at 1999 , And at 16 years old January 2007
Sherina Munaf have a new Album Name Primandona

Sherina MunafSherina PrimadonaSherina 17thCD Sherina

Sherina Munaf Primadona Album Download List
01. Primadona 02. Better than Love 03. Sendiri 04. 1000 Topeng 05. Singing Pixie 06. Ku Disini
07. Mimpi dan Tantangan 08. Lari dari Realita 09. Pelangi ditengah Realita 10. Bukan Kenangan
11. Here to Stay , YOu will not find The Download Songs / Lagu Here ,This blog only Show Sherina Pictures

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